About a month or so ago I stumbled onto a company called Bookroo, while I was scrolling Instagram. We’ve been in the market for some chapter books for our oldest so I decided it’d be worth trying out. Truth be told, I was a little nervous about it. I have a love hate relationship with subscription boxes. I love the thrill of opening a surprise, but I hate when its not something I’ll even use.

Welllll, this week we received our first Bookroo box and so far my son loves it. (and Momma is happy with it too). Bookroo is a monthly book box that includes two or three books depending on the age you pick. They offer a box of 3 board books (best for 0-3yr olds), a box of 2 picture books (best for 2-6yr olds) or the box we chose (chapter books, for ages 7-10) which came with two books wrapped up like presents which the kids loved!

Bookroo also sent a little parent card giving a heads up about the included books and the topics that would be covered. Everything about this box seems to be carefully planned & thought out, both practically and style wise.


May’s box came with Jake & Lilly – a book about twins who face bullying and having to decide what type of person they will choose to be. It also included The Secret Rescuers –  The Storm Dragon – which is a book about a little girl who finds an injured dragon. She decides to keep the dragon safe and look for other magical creatures that could be in danger.

Reece surprised me and was actually more excited about the harder bullying themed book than he was about the slightly more beginning level chapter book about the little dragon.


This was such a fun way to find out about new books. We have already started including these books during Reece’s homeschool reading time, and I can see how a subscription like this could really enrich his learning by showing us books we probably wouldn’t have picked on our own.

Something I think is super cool, is that Bookroo offers an option to select multiple age groups for your subscription. So, if you have more then one kiddo who you’d like to try this for then you can request that they alternate your age groups during the “choose book type” step. I know a certain Little Brother who will be excited to get his own “presents” in the mail. Who doesn’t look forward to getting something in the mail???

If you’d like to try Bookroo for yourself, of gift a subscription to someone you love you can use code FAITHFOILYMADE to get 15% off


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