Surviving the Pain

Its so crazy to think back, as I sit here ready to type from the other side. But, after a few years of walking through what I have often called our dessert place, I think its safe to say we're officially done with that season. Sure, we still have some uncertainties and some hurdles, but [...]

Sweet Girl, You Are ENOUGH!

Stop trying to prove that you are enough and just embrace it. Stop chasing the next way to get a quick "like" on social media. I know its easier said than done. I know the world is screaming at you from every direction that your clothes should be tighter and more revealing. I hear how [...]


For as long as I can remember I have loved "old" things. I think that is partially why I have been so drawn to this whole Farmhouse vibe that seems to be so popular nowadays.   The idea of simplicity, of having less but doing more, of being intentional, authentic, and hospitable. Growing up, my [...]


Lord, Please be with my children today as they start school. Help them to grow more & more confident in the abilities you have given them. Help them to remember the values we have tried to instill in them. I pray that they are kind, helpful, respectful, brave & ready to learn today. Please be [...]


As I sit here trying to think of anything else to write I can't help but be reminded of  what someone recently said, "People need to hear your story." My story doesn't seem special to me, in fact it seems the exact opposite. I want to hide it away for fear I will be judged [...]


This weekend will be THIRTEEN years of marriage for JC and me. It has not always been easy. As we've grown in our faith I have learned that praying for your spouse & your marriage is SO important. One of my favorite memories of our wedding day was when my childhood pastor stopped, in the [...]