Our Mission

This idea for The Faithful Farmstead has been brewing since 2012, even if we didn’t know it at the time. Back then we were about 7 years into JC’s Coast Guard career. He’d just been assigned to a new unit and while we were house hunting our friends showed us Food Inc.

I’d love to say it was a straight line from there to here, but it was anything but. JC ended up breaking his back at that unit and in 2016 was medically retired from the military. We quickly went from gardening being a stress reliving hobby to it being a necessity. 

Transitioning back to civilian life, loosing the only income we’d known in our adult lives, we relied SO HEAVILY on our little garden. 

I say all of that to say we have been there!

It is our family’s goal to teach others in our community how to be the stewards of the land that God intended us to be, while working towards living more sustainably. I have been there, un-able to afford the food we needed. We have had to go out to the garden more times than I can remember to see what we could put together for dinner since we didn’t have money to buy something from the store. We want to share those lessons with families in need closest to us.

It is so fun to look back and see the dinners we came up with from nothing. Like the loaves and fishes, God stretched our food, he placed people in our path that offered us help when we needed it most (sometimes before we even knew we needed it).

THAT, is our goal. We want to come alongside these families that are struggling. We want to teach them how to use their yard to feed their family. Not just by growing their own food, but also knowing how to stretch it as far as possible.

Right now your support of my Young Living business makes that possible. I have committed to giving 50% of my income earned to our Farmstead Mission. (check out my essential oils page here)

Currently that looks like garden kits, to local members of our community. Weed matting, seeds (will vary by season), the tools needed to succeed, and one on one lessons on how to garden in whatever space they have available. I would love to see this mission grow to be able to reach families outside of our local area, offering more than just garden kits. I would love to see not just our community but others radically transformed, for generations to come!

Our mission is community focused but y’all it is 100% driven by God! Through our desert season God slowly began opening doors, answers came, provision came, and eventually healing came! I went from being convinced my husband was heading to a wheelchair to being able to see him play with his kids again. 

Our God can do GREAT & MIGHTY things, and our hope is that he will bless others in the community through this mission.